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PurpleRadiance is leading technology solution provider in the areas of Intelligence, Crime Investigation and Multimedia software.
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What We Do

Our major products are CDR Analysis Software and Cell Track Software used for crime investigation, Funlite the WIFI mobile application.  Read More 

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cdr analysis software

As you know now a day's investigtion departments uses call records of mobile number, IMEI and tower (dump) for investigation. This is advanced and technical method of investigation. Mobile companies provide you this data. Then it is required to analyze that data which might be done by you manually. This may be time consuming and increasing stress on your officers. 

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Cell Track

For crime investigation tower analysis plays important role. If we don’t know suspected person then tower analysis is important. To collect tower details CellTrack mobile product is useful.                    

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who we are

PurpleRadiance Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the global provider of intelligence, Crime investigation and Multimedia software. These solutions use countries leading   law enforcement, defense and national security organizations to prevent and investigate crime. PurpleRadiance suite of solutions is the result of continuous and insightful innovation and has helped over 1000 customers all over India.

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what we do

We offer case analysis and report generation service to our valuable customers. Just provide us CDR of mobile number, IMEI and tower (dump) for investigation rest of thing will do our experts and provide reports within 24 hours. Our service makes to work fast and get results in short time. This service reduces mental stress of police officers to a great extent; this allows them to work efficiently on field.

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